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Create an authoritative knowledge base to guide your users when they're stuck, reduce support load for your team, and provide a better experience.

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HelpDocs enables millions to do their jobs better

Serving 70+ million articles a month, we help some of wonderful companies & non-profits support smarter.

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HelpDocs has given us a high quality, easy to use area to store important information that our users need to know. It empowers our users to get the information they need themselves

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Before HelpDocs we answered the same question a couple of times a day. Now we can cut down the working hours and scale our customer success team

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Provide support customers don't have to wait around for

Forget timezones, support customers 24/7 in any language. Whether you're online or even speak the language you can make sure they find the answer they're looking for.

cssFinding CSS Selectors in Your BrowserOne of the awesome things with HelpDocs is that it's just so customizable and getting it…Adding Custom CSSWhen you set up your HelpDocs account you'll have the option to choose your layout and…
Knowledge base search iconWorld class knowledge base search

We're constantly tweaking our search algorithms to make it effortless for customers to find what they're looking for.

Integrations search iconLives inside native integrations

Lighthouse and integrations like Chrome, Front, Slack, and Intercom come with the same great search. Find articles in a few taps.

Instant search iconComplexity delivered in seconds

We'll dig through your titles, tags, your content, and description to find the most relevant article based on the query, super quickly.

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Machine translations iconMachine translations

Neural machine translations mean articles can be automatically translated in seconds.

i18n strings iconi18n strings

Translate common strings around the knowledge to fit your language or brand style.

Multilingual iconSupports 100+ languages

Choose as many languages as you like from our collection.

Language dropdown iconQuick picker

Customers can quickly access different languages from a dropdown.

HTML<divclass=“mydiv”><p>code block</p></div>Callouts make it super easy to bring attention to specific areasList items with pretty circles1Are automatic with no2Extra code requireda
Multilingual iconSyntax-rich code blocks

Easy to read, syntax-rich code blocks make it simple for developers to read code they might need to follow or understand.

Ordered lists iconAutomatic ordered lists

We'll generate a beautiful, useful numbered list based on your primary color, no need to add CSS yourself.

Callouts iconCallouts to highlight information

With warning, info, and tip callouts, you can bring attention to certain content with a click.

Table of contents iconTable of contents

Tick and box and we'll generate a smart table of contents based on your headings. Nothing more needed.

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Feedback iconQuick feedback

Visitors can leave feedback about your articles, making it easier to find outdated or improvable articles.

Search analytics iconSearch analytics

Smart groups make it easy to find out where customers are getting stuck and when results don't show.

Popular articles iconPopular articles

Learn what articles customers are reading when they visit your knowledge base.

Tickets avoided iconTickets avoided

Get an estimated number of tickets you've avoided because you have a knowledge base.


Self-serve without the extra tabs

Lighthouse is a nifty widget that can help your customers find their own answers, but without having to leave your app.

  • Automatic branding based on your HelpDocs account
  • Super simple widget API to customize things and even open articles or entire categories
  • Integrates snuggly with live chat services or the native contact form
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Slack Integration

Get notified as a team, where work happens

Feed everything from contact forms to feedback right into your channel. Search and create articles right inside the composer.

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Keep content tidy and your support team happy

With a powerful custom text editor, simple interface, and advanced settings, HelpDocs makes it effortless to keep on top of your help content.

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Knowledge base search iconMaintain articles and order

Publish, edit, and reorder articles so everything's up to date and tidy. Search to find what you need.

Integrations search iconSuper SEO friendly

Alter descriptions for categories and articles. We'll automatically regenerate your sitemap on the fly.

Instant search iconInfinite subcategories

With infinite subcategories it's easy to reorganize your content for easier consumption and better search.

Instant search iconDifferent members, different roles

Invite your whole team to contribute, but restrict things like settings or stats to people that need them.

Article editor view
Text editor iconPowerful custom text editor

We built our text editor from the ground up, so you'll find it an easy experience to write articles that stand out.

Backup iconArticle versioning

Saved something you shouldn't have? You can restore the last 10 versions in a click of a button.

Stale iconMark articles as stale

Keep your team on top of outdated articles by marking them as stale, so everyone knows it needs updating.

Power user iconPower users, rejoice

Speedy typer? Advanced user? Things like text editor shortcuts, meta descriptions, and more are built in.

Stats view
Contact form iconFilter analytics to form reports

Tweak the stats you see based on categories, IP address, time, and more to get the best insight possible.

Stale iconContact forms

Track how many contact forms you get and how it correlates with your views and searches.

Tickets avoided iconTickets avoided

Get an estimated number of tickets you've avoided because you have a knowledge base.

Search analytics iconSearch analytics

Smart groups make it easy to find out where customers are getting stuck and when results don't show.

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Ready on the sidelines

Search, create, or insert articles right next and into your email. You can also add Front Chat to your knowledge base.

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Context in a click

Add article search to your Messenger home, search articles from the composer, and add the widget to your knowledge base.

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Docs, all over the web

Quickly search, copy, and paste all over the web so you can help customers whatever software you use in a few clicks.

Explore all our integrations

We love plugging into your favorite tools and we're always adding more.

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