Hey!πŸ‘‹ We're HelpDocs.

On the surface you might think we're just another knowledge base product. And yesβ€”we do make knowledge base software. We also love what we work on.

We're independent and profitable. We build quickly, answer often, and add some animals to the mix. Since we're profitable we don't have to resort to growth hacking, dishing out unfair discounts, or treating you like another sale.

Quick facts

  • Founded in 2016

  • Bootstrapped & profitable

  • Fully remote & distributed team

  • Serve millions of docs a day

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What we believe in

Being yourself

When you come to work you should be able to bring your whole self and be proud of it. Both founders are non-binary so we're serious about it.

Clear feedback

Being clear with your feedback is easier than fluffing it up and missing the point. Giving clear and honest feedback means we can build stronger products and better relationships.

Enjoying downtime

We expect good quality work from our team. When you're not working we expect you to take restful time off rather than working extra hours or stressing about the next workday.

Pelican with a pink and black scarf on.

Our history

We founded HelpDocs in June 2016 when we were looking for an effortless and reliable piece of software to run our self-serve help for a previous company. We couldn't find oneβ€”so we created it ourselves.

HelpDocs was built from the ground up in our parent's garden shed. In the first six months we hardly grew and considered going through an accelerator or getting investment. We persevered and ended up growing organically without any paid advertising.

Today we power a vast range of industries, from private beta startups setting up to get their first customers to Fortune 500 companies who need a reliable platform to build on.

The team

Taylor Sloane
River Sloane
Chief Education Officer
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