Join us in helping amazing people do their best work.

We're a small team of people with big hearts, based nowhere in particular. We care a lot about putting love into our product, making sure our customers are listened to, and ensuring every team member gets the support and rest they need.
Singapore Changi

Perks to help you get the most out of work & life.

All team members get perks to make work a little easier and life more fulfilling.

🌏 Work happily, wherever

Work from wherever you feel most comfortable, whether that's a coffee shop, city hotel, or beach.

🍼 Parental leave

Spend time with your newborn without worrying about work. Come back recharged when you're ready.

🧗 Enjoy life too

We understand work isn't everything, so we'll encourage you to take time to enjoy and live your best life rather than working non-stop.

🚣 Wellness coverage

We have a stipend for all employees to cover a gym membership or regular health/wellness activity.

🔋 Generous time off

We understand sometimes you need a break to recharge so you can do your best work and life.

💻 Equipment & tools

We'll provide you with what you need to do your work, whether that's hardware or software.

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