Come join us on our journey.

We're a remote, independent, and profitable business. We want to make a difference to lives around the world and have fun while doing it. We want people to be able to do their best work and that starts with better documentation for everyone.

We hate the feeling of not being able to find an answer on our own—and we're not alone. By empowering customers to help themselves they're able to cut out wasted time, become more self-managing, and get stuff done. And companies want the same thing. By using a knowledge base they can reduce customer support costs and give tailored help to the customers who need it most.

We're creating tools to make this process easier for both sides. So far we've made an impact to thousands of users and hundreds of millions of visitors.

Come join us and make an impact with your work.

What we believe in

Being yourself

When you come to work you should be able to bring your whole self and be proud of it. Both founders are non-binary so we're serious about it.

Clear feedback

Being clear with your feedback is easier than fluffing it up and missing the point. Giving clear and honest feedback means we can build stronger products and better relationships.

Enjoying downtime

We expect good quality work from our team. When you're not working we expect you to take restful time off rather than working extra hours or stressing about the next workday.

How we work


We work in different timezones so it makes sense to write and record for others to pick up later rather than set meeting times.


Working from where you're most comfortable makes you a happier human. If that's your sofa great. A beach? Also great.


Some people prefer working every day of the week in small chunks, others at night. You should work when you're at your best—not when society wants you to.

What we provide

Wellness coverage

We have a stipend for all employees to cover a gym membership or regular health/wellness activity.


We'll provide you with what you need to do your work, whether that's hardware or software.

Generous time off

We understand sometimes you need a break to recharge so you can do your best work and life.

Open roles