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Why HelpDocs?

HelpDocs​ helps ​startups​ and ​small businesses​ around the world create amazing ​help documentation.

It ​makes customers happier​ and ​reduces support tickets.

HelpDocs | Proactive Knowledge Bases


Help your customers help themselves. Give them the information they need without having to contact you.

HelpDocs | Simple Knowledge Bases


There's no user limits, so you can invite your whole team. That means more collaborative, better, documentation.

HelpDocs | Intelligent Knowledge Bases


Smart search makes finding articles super quick for your customers. Smart reminders help you keep them up to date.

HelpDocs | Insightful Knowledge Bases


Advanced analytics give you insight into your product. See what people are struggling with, and what they love.

HelpDocs saved us time from developing our own internal support management tools and it's simple to use for our customer support team.

James Burden

Product Manager, ​Movidiam

See For Yourself

Click the screenshot to see ​our very own​ HelpDocs. Yup, we ​use the product​ too.

An example of a HelpDocs knowledge base