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With useful search results and clear formatting, we put the information they need in front of them—and in good time, too. That means happier customers and less support requests.


Uploading Your Brand Logo


Understanding the Contact Form


Featuring a Category



Search so fuzzy.

We're proud of our search. When your customers are looking for their answer, we'll bring them the best possible results based on the content, tags, and titles.

Into the looking glass.

Wanna know what to write? We log each search term so you can find out what customers are struggling with.

Easier to find.

At the bottom of each HelpDoc, we show your customers related articles they might also be interested in.

Made By Us, Customized by You.

A great knowledge base should blend in perfectly with your brand. When you’re setting up for the first time, you can quickly choose your brand color and upload your logo—we’ll even try and find it for you.

Intelligent branding.

Getting your knowledge base to match your site takes a couple of clicks. Pick a brand color and we'll make it look amazing—no code required.

Advanced customization.

Looking to make it a little more special? Add custom CSS to make it look just right and JavaScript to add new functionality.

Complete control.

Fancy designing the whole front-end yourself? We offer an HTML templating engine which gives you the flexibility you need.

When looking for a solution to host our FAQs, we found too many overly complex tools.


HelpDocs offers just the functionality we need: customisable, easy-to-use and well-integrated with our ticketing system.


Eelko Huizing

HelpDocs is a godsend. It’s the Knowledge Base we would have written ourselves, with the added bonus of some great integrations and customer insights.


It’s enjoyable to use, has nice templates while being easy to customise, and it’s backed up by great support.


Sarah Davey


Make Everyone on Your Team an Expert.

Documentation is always better when your whole team is contributing. With an easy-to-use dashboard, you can spend more time optimizing for questions your customers ask rather than learning how to write an article.

Lovely formatting options.

We've created formatting options to make your HelpDocs even more readable. Callouts, pretty lists, and table of contents with just a few taps.

Readability built in.

No need to paste your text into a readability website—we do that for you. As you type, you'll instantly know whether your content is easy to read.

Safety first with versioning.

Don't worry about your content getting overridden. With our versioning system, you'll be able to revert back to a previous version in a click.

Use HelpDocs for Your Private Team Knowledge.

Sharing information with your team is usually cumbersome, cluttered, and confusing. Start writing company documents which are easy to access, write, and read.


With all the formatting options, password protection and individual user accounts, you’ll find it a breeze to create private docs your team can follow.

Easy Multilingual Translation

Supporting customers in multiple languages is a breeze with our easy to use translation tools.

London, UK


Beijing, China


Santiago, Chile


Rome, Italy


Montreal, Canada


Integrates With the Tools You Love.

HelpDocs integrates with the tools you use and love, and we’re adding more all the time. You can even build custom integrations with our JSON API.

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Works Great with Drift & Front

Using Drift? You can connect it up to HelpDocs and have Driftbot answer questions automatically based on your documentation.

Using Front? Use our plugin and quickly reply to customer questions by inserting helpful links to your HelpDocs documentation.

Less support tickets, more time.

14 days free.

Easy Multilingual Translation

Supporting customers in multiple languages is a breeze with our easy to use translation tools.

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