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Why HelpDocs?

HelpDocs​ helps ​startups​ and ​small businesses​ around the world create amazing ​help documentation.

It ​makes customers happier​ and ​reduces support tickets.

HelpDocs | Proactive Knowledge Bases


Help your customers help themselves. Give them the information they need without having to contact you.

HelpDocs | Simple Knowledge Bases


There's no user limits, so you can invite your whole team. That means more collaborative, better, documentation.

HelpDocs | Intelligent Knowledge Bases


Smart search makes finding articles super quick for your customers. Smart reminders help you keep them up to date.

HelpDocs | Insightful Knowledge Bases


Advanced analytics give you insight into your product. See what people are struggling with, and what they love.

See For Yourself

Click the screenshot to see ​our very own​ HelpDocs. Yup, we ​use the product​ too.

An example of a HelpDocs knowledge base