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A Self-Service Knowledge Base to Educate Your Customers

The easiest way to create comprehensive, customizable support pages and FAQs.

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Quick setup

No need to set up hosting or create a complex workflow for publishing articles. We make it easy for you and your team to start publishing help documentation.

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Make it yours

From simple branding like adding a primary color and logo to adding your own CSS, JS, and HTML. You can create the docs you want without the hassle of building out the underlying technology.

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Managed, reliable infastructure

We implement the latest tech to serve your knowledge bases reliably and quickly so your customers can always help themselves. We even give you free SSL for your custom domain.

1Head to Settings > Brand

2Under Homepage Layout select the layout you'd like

3Hit Save

Most of these ordering options are applied right away. If you chose Custom ordering, you'll now see a reordering icon in the top left of the Articles table in your dashboard.

Table of Contents

Getting Started


Advanced Settings


Easily make docs readable

With automatic numbered lists, click-to-add callouts, and a toggle to enable a table of contents, it's no effort to make your docs look and read great.

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Numbered lists

We'll generate a beautiful, useful numbered list based on your primary color, no need to add CSS yourself.

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With warning, info, and tip callouts, you can bring attention to certain content with a click.

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Table of contents

Long article? Just toggle the Table of Contents setting in the editor and we'll automatically generate a table of contents for users to navigate.

Multilingual example

Support multiple languages

Write and translate docs at your own pace to support a global audience for your product. We'll make sure your SEO is still awesome by generating a multilingual sitemap.

Setting up multilingual docs >

Translating your docs >

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Access control options

Keep your knowledge base public, create a shared password, or restrict it to logged in users. You can also set articles as privately published and share links.

Shared password protection >

Restricting your docs to logged in users >

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Intelligent branding or custom branding

Pick a color and you're ready to go. No need to customize colors—we'll make your knowledge base look great whatever you pick. Wanna get a little more advanced? Customize with CSS, JS, or a HTML template from scratch

Adding custom CSS >

Creating a custom HTML template >

Insight customer card
"We just want an awesome knowledge base, and that's what HelpDocs has given us."
Sarah Davey, InsightSarah Davey
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"Our customers are reading our documentation rather than asking questions right away, and we're using HelpDocs internally to onboard new employees!"
Sara Pion, DriftSara Pion
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"HelpDocs being just FAQ software without the unnecessary bloat is a blessing. Oh and did I mention the support? Absolutely fantastic."
Aram Zegerius, SolvoAram Zegerius
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Augmented Reality
"Because HelpDocs is user friendly and because you get a pleasant result with what you create, it makes you want to use it."
Corine Barbazanges, GuidigoCorine Barbazanges
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"It's super easy to setup, use and update, way more fit for a knowledge base format and with a lot of cool features I use"
Geoffroy "Vomact" Piot, ToornamentGeoffroy "Vomact" Piot

Out the box or design from scratch

Our platform comes with a selection of designs crafted by us, or you and your team of developers can create your very own.

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Tools & integrations to help you support customers

Here's just a few of our most popular integrations. Find plenty more over on our integrations page.

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