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Supporting customers with a Knowledge Base sounds easy but it really isn't. What do you write about? How do you design your Knowledge Base to suit your company? Which tools can you use to reduce support even more?

Thing is we see all kinds of use cases and problems every day. From people not knowing about key features to speed up their workflow to getting a little help making it shine.

With Learn Events our Education team will help you understand what to avoid, implement, and improve. We hope you love it 💕

We'll give you the tools to power up your Knowledge Base. You've got access to bookable events with one of our team or courses you can follow along with at your own pace.

From learning about what a Knowledge Base is to advanced topics like keeping it up to date. Our guides deep dive into Knowledge Bases and customer support.

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Join us live where we dive into different customer support topics. Some are with our friends from different companies.

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Join us for special scheduled events where we'll run through topics with our team and sometimes special guests.

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