Docs that scale
with your company

We've got the tools to help you push your knowledge base company wide and worldwide.

Single Sign On

It's super simple to get your team into HelpDocs without having to remember yet another password.

Machine Translations

Support the world with automatic neural machine translations. Start with 100 each month.

Permission groups

Control who sees what on your knowledge base by assigning people to groups.

Audit trail

Get a complete overview of who's doing what on your knowledge base.


If you're using Slack you can use it to sign into HelpDocs. It's super simple to connect and you get all the other perks of our Slack integration too.


JSON web tokens (JWT) make it easy to generate a secure way to restrict your knowledge base using your existing authentication. You can even assign different users access to different docs.


If your company is using SAML it's super simple to connect it with HelpDocs. Any standards-compliant SAML 2.0 implementation should work out of the box.


Using OpenID Connect instead? Fancy!ย You can use the exact same auth for HelpDocs.

Super simple sign in

Skip the password with single sign on

With single sign on (SSO)ย it's super simple to get your team into HelpDocs without having to remember a password. Getting to your knowledge base has never been easier.

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pair 'em up

Keep people in sync with permission groups

Group people on your knowledge base and apply permissions to articles so only they have access. Apply based on role, individual user, or permission group.

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Internal teams

Content team need to keep their style guides separate? Engineering want to keep their pipeline information secret? Use permission groups for internal teams to silo docs.

Customer groups

Have people on different plans? Use permission groups to segment them so they only see what's relevant to them.

Onboarding new hires

Use permission groups on your knowledge base to show onboarding docs to new hires so they only see training processes.

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Audit trail lets you see who's done what

Keep an eye on your team and see what actions they take. Know who's creating, delete, updating, or updating what. Easily filter to find what you're looking for.

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make the robots do it

Machine translate 100 articles every month

Not only do you get multilingual with unlimited languages, but you can get robots to do it for you. We use the latest in neural machine translation so you get accurate results. Need a high volume of translations?ย We can help you with that too.

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