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Bring articles to the forefront

Instead of getting users to find a link, bring the articles to them in a handy widget that doesn't get in the way

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Easy to install

Just a small snippet of code and you're ready to start helping customers in-app

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Give customers relevant help with contextual suggestions

Your help documentation becomes even more useful when you put the articles customers might look for right in front of them.

Choose categories or articles to display on certain pages of your website or app.

Lighthouse Suggestions
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Plays nicely with your ticketing or live chat system

We’re not looking to replace your ticketing or live chat system.

Lighthouse will get out of the way if your customer needs to be routed to 1-on-1 support. All they have to click is contact.

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As customizable as your knowledge base

Use our Widget API to customize your widget and make it look and work the way you want with config values, methods, and callbacks.

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