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Knowledge Base software for modern support teams.

Empower your support team to deliver an exceptional user experience by creating, sharing, and managing help content with ease. Streamline support processes, build a comprehensive Knowledge Base, and customize access.

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Powering millions of pages per month for startups to enterprise.

Super simple editing experience for your support team.

Ready at every stage of your self-serve journey.

We've got all the tools you need to launch, host, and improve your docs.

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From a simple start to full control and code customization

Knowledge Bases work best when you focus building out great self-serve content. HelpDocs comes packed with tools you need so you spend time giving support to customers who need it.

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Custom CSS & JavaScript

Custom CSS comes on every plan. Adjust the style of any element on the page. For more control use JavaScript and change the behaviour of your Knowledge Base.

Create anything with HTML templates

Want to start from scratch and build your own template? Our Handlebars-based templating engine gives you full control so you can create whatever you want.

Choose from one of our templates

We're always pushing ourselves to create more advanced, fast-loading, and well-designed templates. Starting a lovely looking Knowledge Base is super simple.

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It's quick, reliable, and easy to use

A custom text editor, advanced caching, smart integrations, and SEO-focused templates mean your customers will find answers blazingly fast—and your customer support team will too.

Native integrations to fly through support tickets

Search and paste with our Front and Chrome integrations. Keep support synchronous with our live chat integrations. Communicate downtime with our status integrations.

Radiant blazing fast templates

We're always pushing the limits by using the latest technology to create accessible, adaptable, and designed templates you don't have to touch. Or you can totally touch. That's up to you.

Organize, categorize, synchronize

It doesn't take much to change up your knowledge base. Drag and drop categories and articles, save changes before publishing, and do it all without saving over each other in the process.

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Star Wars Robots and Educating the Future Innovators

Sphero is one of the best known consumer robotics companies in the world. Learn about how important the future of education is to them and how they use HelpDocs to keep millions of consumers happy.

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Keep articles fresh and relevant

Keeping a Knowledge Base fresh, tidy, and efficient takes work. With an array of tools to make this process easier you'll find it a breeze to keep tickets down and customers happy.

Keep an eye on analytics with trends

Know whether you're getting more traffic, less contact forms, and making an impression with tickets avoided compared to the previous period.

Tools built in to keep your articles fresh

Our Stale tools make sure you're keeping your articles nice and new with the latest information. Schedule it for later, add a reason, and hit Stale.

User management made easy

Wanna keep on top of who has access? We've got features to make adding, managing, and scaling users simple as can be. So go ahead and invite your whole team.

Integrate into your workflow

From team communication to existing customer support tools—we have a bunch of different options so you don't have to switch what you're already using. Here's just a few of them

Show certain articles to certain users

Segment your content so only groups of customers see bits of content. Or only team members see internal articles. But we didn't stop there.

Translate articles without changing the formatting with the most advanced translation engine. Use Single Sign On to keep your team experience consistent. Audit trail means you can see who did what when.

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